Deborah Noble, Lung Patient

DebWhen Deborah Noble of Littlestown, PA, was told she would need radiation for her lung cancer, she became concerned about the potential damage to her heart and esophagus.

She met with Ori Boker Shokek, MD of WellSpan Radiation Oncology and the Maryland Proton Treatment Center (MPTC). Dr. Shokek recommended proton therapy.

“Proton therapy was an excellent choice for Deborah because it targeted the tumor with pinpoint accuracy, minimizing damage to nearby healthy tissues.”

Deborah and Dr. Shokek decided that proton therapy, combined with chemotherapy, would be the best choice for fighting her cancer. She received proton therapy at MPTC in Baltimore and chemotherapy at WellSpan Adams Cancer Center.

She chose to stay near Baltimore while receiving proton therapy. The MPTC concierge team arranged for her to stay in a local hotel at a discounted rate for the first part of treatment, and she moved to the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge for the second half of treatment.

She tolerated proton therapy well and enjoyed going out to eat in Little Italy in Baltimore with her husband during their stay.

“The proton center is terrific – I can’t sing its praises enough!” Deborah says of her experience.

She celebrated her last day of treatment with her husband in late July 2017.

Today, she is enjoying retirement by spending time with her grandsons, doing art projects, reading and walking. She looks forward to taking a big family trip to the Outer Banks for Thanksgiving.

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