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At the Maryland Proton Treatment Cneter, we’re building on the expert work of clinic research programs at University of Maryland School of Medicine and University of Maryland Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Comprehensive Cancer Center, while providing an entirely new source of information in the burgeoning field of proton therapy.

Evidence-based research for proton therapy

Every clinical trial we conduct is a contribution to the understanding of proton therapy’s efficacy when used to treat specific types of cancer. Each patient will be offered the option to be a part of a clinical trial. If they agree, the information from their treatment will become part of the Proton Consortium Registry.

These clinical trials rely on more than just the willingness and courage of patients themselves. Through collaboration with local, national and international physicians, we offer a range of clinical studies including National Cancer Institute, investigator-initiated and industry-sponsored trials. A broader range of studies means a greater breadth of knowledge to pull from when designing proton therapy treatments in the future.

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For more information on our research program, please contact our research department at 410-369-5353.

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