Referral Guidelines for Specific Cancers


Which patients are right for proton therapy?

To learn about the benefits of proton therapy for certain disease sites, please click on the fact sheet links below: 

Base of the skull Liver
Brain Lymphoma
Breast Pediatric cancers
Esophagus Prostate
Eyes Sarcoma
Gastrointestinal tract Spinal cord
Gynecologic Thoracic/Lung
Head and neck

Additionally, proton therapy can benefit patients who face certain challenges:

  • Require very high-dose radiation for conditions like chordoma, chondrosarcoma, skull-based tumors, paraspinal tumors and certain sarcomas.
  • Have considerable longevity and risk of developing complications from radiation therapy
  • Seek maximal reduction of integral dose exposure (radiation exposure to the rest of the body)
  • Need retreatment in a previously irradiated tumor site

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